Toddler Package

2-5 years

The sleep pattern of toddlers is yet another chapter in their developmental journey. Despite your efforts to establish sound sleep habits, your little one may wake frequently, experience nightmares and or terrors, and harbour a certain fear of sleep. It’s natural to worry about forming poor patterns, their overall wellbeing, a compromised immune system, or even increased irritability. The demands of school and cognitive activities might further contribute to their sleep deprivation. As a parent, it can be challenging to help your little one transition to a consistent sleep schedule. That’s where I come in! My goal is to support you and your toddler through this exciting but sometimes overwhelming phase by providing expert guidance and a personalised sleep plan.

Package $5900
This comprehensive package includes a thorough evaluation of your child’s existing sleep habits, challenges faced, and the sleep environment. A personalised consultation stretching for 60 – 90 minutes will be conducted either at your home or through virtual platforms like Zoom or WhatsApp.
The package comes with a bespoke sleep plan, tailored specifically for your child’s needs, follow-up support and sleep monitoring to ensure the plan’s effective implementation.

Toddler and Older Children Guidance Package