3 Months - 23 Months

Infant Baby Package

Just when you anticipated a smoother journey, your infant decided to chart a different path. With an increasing consciousness of the world around them, your baby might start exploring limits, challenging your tolerance, and potentially experiencing babyhood anxieties or baseless apprehensions. Despite heeding advice from loved ones, you might find yourself at a point where no strategies seem effective, and your tiny one is in dire need of rest.


Package Price: $5100

This comprehensive package includes a thorough evaluation of your child’s existing sleep habits, challenges faced, and the sleep environment. A personalised consultation stretching for 60 – 90 minutes will be conducted either at your home or through virtual platforms like Zoom or WhatsApp.

The package comes with a bespoke sleep plan, tailored specifically for your child’s needs, and follow-up support throughout our two weeks together via whatsapp, Rested (electronic sleep logging app) and phone calls to ensure the plan’s effective implementation.

Additional assistance plans can be provided upon request