Our son had very strong sleep associations – feed to sleep, rock to sleep, co-sleeping. And to make matters worse, he was not sleeping more than an hour or two at any time, which meant neither he nor I were getting what we needed. After countless conversations with friends, Googling “how long will regression last” and having to move my husband into another room to make space in the bed, we decided to take the sleep training plunge. And I can honestly say, working with Margot was the best investment we’ve made. For us and for Jackson. We saw incredibly encouraging results from night one and Jackson began to master self-settling for the first time and quickly began knocking out 11+ hours at night. Naps were slightly more challenging for our cat-napper and took time but Margot didn’t let us give up, encouraging us to try out multiple routines to strike the right balance for our little one. Our goal was to have him sleep independently and to start racking up the hours, and we absolutely would not have been able to do it without Margot’s patience, encouragement and perseverance!  



Genuinely life-changing! We were fortunate to see quite amazing results within 24-hours of working with Margot and her level of support thereafter was really above and beyond



Margot has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Our 11 months old son had a very strong sleep association and would only sleep of he’s being rocked and held. we went from catnapping and multiple night wakes and very little sleep to a solid nap schedule and sleeping through the night. I can’t recommend Margot enough, I was very helpless and she was extremely supportive and empathetic, we are all on much happier state after working with her. Thank you again, I’m very grateful I found you

Hind & David


My first born Luella was a freak baby who was an almost perfect sleeper from the start. So when my second born Banjo came along, I was blindsided with the insane, restless nights.
From day one, there have been issues. Throughout the first 12 weeks, Margot was amazing. She was constantly there for me, checking in and always providing helpful guidance and advice. Despite Banjo’s challenges, with Margot’s help, we have managed to set some incredible foundations and when the time is right, I cannot wait to work with Margot on a more established routine.



Margot was an amazing, compassionate and knowledgable sleep consultant. She worked her magic to have my 6 month sleeping through the night in no time. She was extremely dedicated and I would highly recommend her to any parent who needs a full night’s sleep!!



Our 11 month old son needed maximum help to settle to sleep, was waking hourly, feeding overnight, or cosleeping and cluster feeding through the early morning. Thanks to Margot’s advice and support we now have a baby who can competently self settle and sleep through the night in his own cot. No more dummy, no more patting, rocking, and singing, no more overnight feeds! Sleep deprivation was really taking its toll, and I wasn’t able to be the mum or partner I wanted to be. I now have more patience and energy to enjoy time with our son and delight in his developmental leaps now he’s sleeping! Margot was supportive, empathetic, and so committed to helping us achieve our goals. She guided us through the challenges and celebrated the wins every step of the way.